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High Voltage Non-conductive Insulation Mobile GRP Fiberglass Scaffolding

High Voltage Non-conductive Insulation Mobile GRP Fiberglass Scaffolding

This grp mobile insulation scaffold is easy to dismantle and assemble with your bare hands, without the use of any tools.

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Product Details

Product Item: High Voltage Non-conductive Insulation Mobile GRP Fiberglass Scaffolding

Product Description:

The mobile grp insulation scaffold is made of high-strength glass fibre reinforced resin. It has the following features and benefits:

This scaffold is widely used in power supply installation, maintenance work to ensure safety. Suitable to be used in electrical engineering, railway and power generation works.

It can be used in chemical industry, oil refineries and offshore platforms.

This scaffold has special insulation and is resistant to oxidation, so users can keep the working surface clean without residue. Suitable for use in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries where sensitive hygiene is required.

Suitable for safe use in areas where dust, steam, flammable or combustible materials are present.

Main Tube
Tube Wall Thickness: 2.8MM; Pipe Diameter: 50.6MM
0.75m(W)*2.0m/2.5m(L); 1.35m(W)*2.0m/2.5m(L)
0.85m(W)*1.8m/2.5m(L); 1.45m(W)*1.8m/2.5m(L)
Load Capacity

Used in Electrical Engineering, Railway and Power Generation Engineering Work, Chemical Industry, Food, Medical and Drug

Insulation Mobile FRP Scaffolding

Non-conductive Insulation Scaffolding

Grp Fiberglass Insulation Scaffolding

Grp Fiberglass Mobile Insulation Scaffolding

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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