• elegant sapphire blue silence toilet wc
    elegant sapphire blue silence toilet wc

    This toilet is a break from the norm, with a treasure blue hue in front of your eyes, and with a simple artistic sense of the lines, highlighting the elegant sapphire blue tone. The toilet is glazed with a high gloss finish that' s resistant to wear and dirt, so you don't have to worry about cleaning. What are the convenient and cool features of this beautiful looking toilet? First, its cover can be slowly lowered, not like other styles of toilets, the cover is very fast down, both dirty toilet, but also easy to cause a certain degree of wear and tear, and even dirty yourself. And this has a slow decline in the cover, there is no need to worry about this problem. Second, it flushes with a whirlpool flush, which has a fast, high-capacity flush feature that plays a role in saving water and time. Third, it has S-type thickened pipes, no need to worry about clogging problems. Fourth, the ultra-small water tank with dual-position button 3L/4.5L, the button surface by electroplating treatment, excellent anti-corrosion performance, long-term use is still as clean as new. Simple lines, a total of six styles, gold line round cheongsam, square cheongsam, square masonry In addition, if you like a little more understated, you can choose the silver lines silver lines are slightly understated, but without losing the luxury of high-end style, a variety of styles to meet your variety of choices. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to send us an inquiry!

  • Ringlock Scaffolding Project
    Ringlock Scaffolding Project

    This is a project of our client Luis, located in France. The main construction scaffolds are ringlock scaffolding, standard scaffolding, Ledger scaffolding and other accessories. The construction galvanized ringlock scaffolding is one of the most advanced and complete scaffolding systems on the market. It is designed to minimize the number of components for easy installation and removal. A single keyhole cover is located in the center of all components, and up to four shims and four horizontal positions can be fixed with a hammer. With integrated safety mechanisms and high load capacity, the Ringlock scaffolding system is a popular choice in many types of applications. This galvanized steel adjustable ringlock scaffold can be used for supporting and overhauling structures in the construction industry, offshore engineering, industrial maintenance and shipbuilding.

  • Ladder scaffolding project
    Ladder scaffolding project

    This is a project of our client Jorge, located in Chile. The main construction scaffolds are ladder scaffolds, connecting fasteners, scaffold ladders and other accessories. Q235 Steel Ladder Frame Scaffolding was widely used in buildings, hall, bridges, and control grid inside and outside of high buildings, it can Adjustable to different working heights. It was easy assembly and dismantlement, easy to transport and store, safe and firm structure. But also Anti-corrosion and Anti-rust.

  • Steel Formwork Project
    Steel Formwork Project

    This is an engineering project for our client Stelio, located in Zimbabwe. The main scaffolding used is flat steel formwork, jointed corner formwork, inside corner formwork, outside corner formwork and formwork accessories. The steel formwork has the following features: Easy assembly, flexible assembly and disassembly efficiency Recyclable, energy saving and environmental protection, adaptable to various project Higher support strength, bearing capacity, excellent concrete molding The formwork is provided with climbing holes specially designed for the placement of counter bolts, which is applicable to the foundations of buildings both at home and abroad.

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