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  • Feedback of Scaffolding & Formwork from Client
    • September 25, 2021

    It’s a hot summer day, but it warmed our heart because we got lots of good feedback from our client. Let’s see their building site. Wooden Formwork Panel from Bolivia. Steel Column Formwork from Gambia Galvanized Ringlock Scaffolding System from Finland & Columbia Scaffolding Steel Prop from Mozambique & Guatemala

  • Five advantages of quicklock scaffolding
    • September 24, 2021

    Quicklock scaffolding is a new type of convenient scaffolding, compared with other scaffolding, it has the following advantages. 1, has a reliable two-way self-locking ability: one is the crossbar and upright in the connection piece of the locking function, mainly by the design of the structure to achieve and guarantee, reducing the traditional scaffolding by manual locking shortcomings, so that p...

  • safety technical requirements for the dismantling of Frame Scaffolding
    • August 27, 2021

    What are the technical safety requirements for scaffolding dismantling? (1) When the construction work is completed, the scaffolding should be dismantled only when the person in charge of the unit works checks and verifies that it is no longer needed. The removal of scaffolding should be planned and approved by the person in charge of the project before it is carried out. Dismantling of scaffoldin...

  • Performance Features Of Ladder Frame Scaffolding
    • August 25, 2021

    The two best selling scaffolds on the material market today are door scaffolding and ladder frame scaffolding ; the reason why ladder scaffolding is so popular is due to its performance characteristics. Firstly, construction ladder frame scaffolding has a wide range of uses: indoor and outdoor decoration, shop advertising boards, bridges, building support, viaducts, elevated roads, culverts, tunne...

  • Introduction of Plastic Formwork
    • August 17, 2021

    Plastic Formwork is a new type of environmentally friendly product, which including ABS, PC, fiber glass material. Plastic Formwork including 3 different types: concrete slab, circular column and square column. Advantage of Plastic Formwork. A. Smooth and clean. The formwork is spliced tightly and smoothly. After demoulding, the surface and smoothness of the concrete structure exceed the technical...

  • Scaffolding Engineering Knowledge Of Door Scaffolding
    • July 27, 2021

    Metal steel frame scaffolding is a factory-produced, site-erected scaffold and is one of the most common scaffolds used internationally today. It can be used not only as external scaffolding, but also as internal scaffolding or full scaffolding. Due to its standardised geometry, reasonable structure, good stress performance, easy installation and dismantling during construction, safety and reliabi...

  • Disc-type scaffolding product manual
    • June 12, 2021

    A.Product Introduction Disc scaffolding is a new type of scaffolding, which was introduced from Europe in 1980s, and is an upgraded product after the bowl buckle scaffolding. It is also called daisy disc scaffolding system, insert disc scaffolding system, wheel disc scaffolding system, buckle disc olding system, and rayon scaffolding, etc. The scaffold socket is a disc with 8 holes, 4 large and 4 ...

  • Story of Industrial Construction Light Weight Steel Toe Safety Shoes
    • May 18, 2021
    Story of Industrial Construction Light Weight Steel Toe Safety Shoes

    Asker: May I have your name? Answer: Hi, I'm safety shoes, My functions are 1.Anti-Piercing 2. Anti-Smashing 3. Anti slip 4. Insulation6000V 5. Oil resistant ;Your feet will be protected with me forever, if we go on talking Asker: Do you have magic? Safety Shoes: I will change to 3 different colors, if you love me! What color do you want me to be?  Green , Grey or Black? Asker: ...

  • International Labour Day | Protect Our Workers Without Hurts
    • April 23, 2021
    International Labour Day | Protect Our Workers Without Hurts

    Our total personal protective collections have been already included everything from safety shoes, work gloves, hi vis reflective vest, hard hats. In this special time, we selected several PPT (personal protective equipment) products to bring warmly care and concerns to workers. And make them work Safety Shoes With Light Weight and breathable mesh sneaker design, Not only this construction steel t...

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