Production Capacity

Advantage of steel raw material:

Our factory is located in the northern part of China, Hebei Province, which province’s steel output is a quarter of china’s production, and it has developed a complete industrial chain of steel products.

With 20 years' supply chain integration and business development, our factory had been general agent of steel raw material supplier after reached strategic cooperation with them.

Therefore, there’re different type product but in competitive price are available for choosing

Automatic production line:

Cost always decrease after the efficiency have been increased, and the competitiveness of customers and ourselves will increase after cost be decreased.  Win-win situation among supplier with purchaser only be presented after cost be controlled effectively.


In order to improve efficiency and reduce production costs under the situation of increasing labor cost. Our factory has purchased 3 advanced automatic welding machines for production line, which increased our daily production capacity to 50 tons per day.


This allows us to have cheaper labor costs and faster lead times than traditional manual welding factories. (For example: 2000-3000 steel scaffold can be produced within 5-7 days).



Excellent Quality Standard:

The management of the production process makes our scaffolding, formwork and other products in a high-quality level. Automatic welding machines 100% ensured our products be fully welded, which is the most important of scaffold’s load-bearing. and users will not have load-bearing accidents when using the scaffold.


At the same time, we will use sand machine to polishing the welded surface, not only it makes surface be smoother, the construction workers are not easy be scratched when using it.

But also, it enhanced the fatigue resistance of the metal, products are not easy to be cracked.


We have different surface treatment production lines, the first one is powder coating. Each powder coating equipment can finish 10-20 tons per day. To enhance product quality, the powder coating of our products is 100-300μm, which let it not to be faded or cracked within 5-10 years.


The second is galvanized surface treatment. The galvanized products are very durable and stable, which can resistant to rust for 20 years.

ringlock scaffolding
steel ringlock scaffolding

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