How to Extend the Useful Life of Scaffolding?

  • 2020-09-27 11:35:33

We know that the use of scaffolding has a limited life, theoretically ten years, but often due to inadequate maintenance, deformation, wear and tear, the service life is greatly shortened. There are also inappropriate in storage, resulting in the loss of some parts of the situation also happens from time to time, these all make the production cost greatly increased. To extend the service life of the scaffold, pay attention to the following points.

First of all, taking construction ringlock scaffolding as an example, the construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the plan to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Some parts of Glavanized Ringlock Scaffolding are extremely easy to damage, so it is necessary to have a certain amount of experience in the construction of professionals, so as to effectively reduce the loss, while ensuring operational safety.

Second, proper storage. When placing the scaffold, waterproof and moisture-proof measures should be taken to avoid rusting. At the same time discharge orderly, so that it is convenient to standardize management, but also not easy to cause confusion or loss of accessories, so it is best to have a person responsible for the recovery of the shelves into storage, for the use of any time record.

Third, regular maintenance. To regularly apply anti-rust paint to the shelves, usually once every two years. Areas with high humidity require once a year to ensure that the shelf will not rust.

For companies engaged in scaffold rental, extending the life of the shelf can increase the usage rate and create more revenue. Of course, we also have to do the scrap disposal according to the state regulations when it reaches the service life, which is also directly related to construction safety as well as corporate reputation.

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